Mortgage Calculator for Realtors with PMI-Features

For Realtors, Loan Officers & Mortgage Brokers

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All 4 Loan Types on One Screen

Instead of putting the 4 major loan types: Conventional, FHA, VA & USDA on different screens, we used the tabs to put them all on ONE SCREEN.

Another unique feature is that when you make an entry in one, entries are made in all other 3 loan types, so it save time in making multiple entries.  Also the tabbed layout allows you to switch between loan types quickly and without going back and forth between different screen and find all the answers on the same screen.

Full featured Mortgage Calculator with PMI

While designing the app, we wanted to keep it SIMPLE (not going back and forth from one screen to another screen).  And we were able to achieve that by nicely arranging all the fields in such a way that the data entry flows in one smooth easy way and accomplishes the goal for the Realtors, Loan Officers and Buyers to make entries easily by pressing “Next” until all fields are entered.

Auto Calculates

= No Calculate Button

With some sharp thinking by our staff they were able to come up with Auto calculate feature and remove the “Calculate Button”.  So as you enter numbers or make selections, the algorithm calculates all the numbers as typed.  Try it and you will love it.

Intuitive, Simple &

User Friendly

While designing we wanted to keep it simple and easy to use.  As we progressed developing it turned out to be Intuitive, Simple & User Friendly.  Once you start using you will realize that it is Simple with all the features you want.